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FISH of Barrington

Barrington, IL - 60010
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About FISH of Barrington

Volunteer service drives anyone in need of transportation to medical appointments and to pick up medications. Individuals who are in need of transportation are to call at least 2 days in advance. Answering service forwards the request to volunteer coordin

Services Provided: Community Dial-A-Rides; Medical Transportation; Senior Ride Programs; Transportation, Senior;


Anonymous - Apr 9, 2019

I have received many needed medical rides from FISH of Barrington for years. I have always been courteous & thankful to the drivers. However, I recently had a lady who starting backing up by using her car's backup screen, and she couldn't drive correctly and was running on my grass and even went over a boulder on the side of the grass. I tried my best to tell her which way she needed to turn her wheel, but she simply raised her voice and told me she knew what she was doing. The result? The coordinator of FISH told me when she took me on a ride shortly after this, that she had "a couple" people who said they "didn't feel comfortable giving me rides", but when I asked what these people said, she replied she can't discuss any complaints, and simply stated that her first priority was to her drivers. To her drivers? I would think the first priority should be to the senior or disabled persons who have no transportation and need medical help. Running an organization like this is just plain wrong. I was simply SHOCKED & dejected. She left it that if I need a ride, I should call her to see if she is available, and she'd be glad to provide me rides if she was available. I already knew how seldom she is available. I was literally SHOCKED. I was being presumed "guilty" without being given any information other than a vague "couple of people did not feel "comfortable", and given no opportunity to defend myself against whatever it was that these two women, I believe said. Whatever was said she simply decided she would be the Judge & the Jury, and was denied any right to defend myself against these obviously unstable women's statements. I'm not sure if she used the word "Protect her drivers first" or just "A couple of drivers felt uncomfortable, and this was her first priority." ASTOUNDING! I am a well-behaved older man, who is not intimidating or to be feared for any reason. I come from a strict religious and moral background who wouldn't touch, threaten or engage in misbehavior of any kind. A man who volunteers for this agency could not believe this when I told him. He is very kind, and will drive me, outside of the FISH organization, but he goes out of town frequently and is available when in town only two days of the week. I searched online, and was unable to find out if there is a board or anyone I could contact in that organization; but to no avail. There is a bus service, but it has a very narrow area it will transport you to, and I have doctors outside that area. I have no other resources, and am basically a prisoner in my own home, in an area 2-3 miles from any shopping or stores or anything. How can you possibly help me? Thank you, and God bless.

Anonymous - Apr 11, 2019

My experiences with Barrington FISH were that it seemed like the "volunteers" really didn't want to volunteer. I wonder if pastors of assemblies ask for volunteers for FISH, and some people say they will, just so members think they're doing good deeds, but if it's not in their heart to do it, they shouldn't.

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